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Your Hair Restoration Questions Answered!

One of the most frequent Hair Restoration Questions we get from our patients is “What is NeoGraft?” NeoGraft is an automated hair transplant system that utilizes the harvesting of follicles through FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Neograft was the first FUE Method to be FDA cleared almost a decade ago. This hair transplant method can dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of the procedure and leads to more natural results than other extraction methods.

Hair Restoration Questions and Answers -Thinning hair can be a thing of the past great hair transplant results Diagnose Hair Loss book a Free Hair Analysis in two locations. Hair Restoration in Atlanta with Dr. Monte Slater and Team consider NeoGraft Hair Transplant even if you are young!

Who is a good candidate for NeoGraft and what are the advantages?

All people suffering from hair loss (women and men of all ethnicities) could be candidates for NeoGraft. NeoGraft has the following advantages:

  • Ideal for all Ethnicities 
  • No General Anesthesia 
  • No Linear Scar 
  • No Scalpel 
  • No Stitches
  • Minimal Downtime 
  • Discreet Results 
  • Multiple Procedures are possible 
  • Permanent Results 

Why are other Hair Restoration Methods not always the best? 

Hair Restoration Questions

Patients asked us what the other  Hair Restoration methods are and we explained that those can leave a  linear scar, known as the smiley face scar, (on the back of the head). If you’ve had a previous Hair Transplant that left a scar, the FUE system can still be used to fill in additional areas of hair loss and in some cases camouflaging of the old scar can be achieved with NeoGraft by harvesting healthy hair follicles from another donor area and transplanting them in the area of the scar. One of the other downsides of other Hair Transplant Methods is that they often do not look as natural, they require general anesthesia and also more downtime. 

NeoGraft is also a viable option for individuals who don’t want to face serious activity restrictions after their hair transplant procedure. After NeoGraft most patients can return back to work by day 3 or 4 and back to all normal activities by day 10 to 14. Candidates for hair restoration are those in good health who have faced thinning or are balding but have good quality “Donor Hair” at the back of their head.

Dr. Slater will help you set realistic goals for your hair transplant goals.  You won’t have the hair of a teenager, but you will experience natural and effective results. Dr. Monte Slater is a double board-certified physician with 30 years experience in medicine. He has had the NeoGraft procedure himself and is complimented on his hair all the time. Dr. Slater will be able to determine how many grafts are possible in one procedure. NeoGraft can be repeated one year after the first procedure for even better results, or to address additional areas of thinning. Male pattern baldness often requires multiple hair transplants.


hair restoration questioned answeredHow is NeoGraft performed?

NeoGraft is performed using controlled pressure that helps slide hair follicles out smoothly. This way, there is little risk of pulling, twisting, or damaging the hair follicles. The Hair Follicles are then re-implanted by hand 2-6 hairs at a time, maintaining a natural look and feel. 

How long will the results last?

The transplanted hair should last a lifetime. Unfortunately, Hair Transplantation and Hair Restoration does not prevent additional hair loss in other areas. Some individuals will need another hair transplant to maintain good results. You will be able to estimate your needs during your first consultation with Dr. Slater.

What is FUE Mean?

Frequently asked Hair Restoration Questions include what is FUE? What does FUE stand for?  FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and is a minimally invasive and advanced method of hair transplantation that allows individual follicles to be harvested from a donor area without an incision or stitches. FUE procedures leave no linear scar.


Additional Hair Restoration Questions

What are the benefits of NeoGraft over other hair restoration methods?

The NeoGraft system works as an extension of the hair restoration team, making the process faster and more accurate. You can reach your goal with less time and fewer procedures than ever before. Our Hair Technicians have completed hundreds of procedures all over the country and are trained, qualified NeoGraft professionals. 

Will I need to get a total buzz-cut to have the NeoGraft procedure?

Fortunately, if you wear your hair long, no. NeoGraft requires shaving a small area of the scalp at the back of the head or side of the head. These areas can be covered by your existing hair. However, if you wear your hair short, shaving it will yield maximum results. It will also look more natural because the grafts will be short. Some people with short haircuts choose to grow the hair a bit longer prior to NeoGraft to cover the area that is cut short for the procedure. 

How long does it take to see the full results of NeoGraft Hair Restoration? 

Hair Restoration Questions and answers Day 11 of Neograft Treatment

Since the newly grafted hair will grow with your natural hair cycle, it will take 9 months to 12 months to see the full results. Initially, the grafted hair will remain in place but eventually, it will fall out. Within 3 months of the procedure, the grafted hair will begin growing back and continue to improve over a 12 month period. Click Here to view pictures of this patient’s journey.

Can African Americans have effective results with NeoGraft?  

 NeoGraft is suitable for both men and women of all ethnic backgrounds!

Hair Restoration Questions -Neograft Before and After Shots

African American Male before and within a few days after NeoGraft. As you can see the grafted hair will fill in the thinning areas and reestablish a new hairline. The white male on the right received 750 grafts. The photographs show patient before and after 1 year of receiving NeoGraft.


In Closure…

– NeoGraft is an automated and minimally invasive FUE hair transplant method

– The procedure is suitable for both men and women

– You won’t experience a linear scar or major activity restriction.

– Candidates should be in good health and have sufficient donor hair.

– NeoGraft has natural and permanent results and can be repeated over time for ongoing hair loss.

We hope we’ve answered all of your Hair Restoration Questions! Give us a call at (770)-415-8071 to schedule an appointment or for more information today.

We also offer Aesthetic Services and Anti-Aging at Slater Aesthetic & Center for Anti-Aging with Dr. Slater and we also offer PRP Scalp Therapy for men and women suffering from Hair Loss. 

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