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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: A NON-SURGICAL option for Hair Loss in men and women 

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy uses the patient’s own blood platelets to stimulate hair growth where you are balding or thinning. It can also thickens your existing hair.

 Many people know Platelet Rich Plasma is the part of the blood that helps your body recover from injuries and contains many growth factors responsible for healing.  Platelet Rich Plasma can harness the power to promote hair growth when follicles are weak or even dormant.  The treatment consists of injections to the scalp that take less than an hour to perform.  Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy does not require any downtime and has no noted side effects as the blood is directly derived from the patient’s own body.  

Nonsurgical Hair Restoration with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can be quite effective.

Nonsurgical Hair Restoration with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can be quite effective for the right candidate.

• A small amount of your own blood is extracted (blood draw at our office)  Then the PRP is separated from the rest of the blood via a centrifuge. The centrifuge can separate red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. After the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is extracted and the scalp is numbed, Dr. Slater injects the PRP which contains the healing factors into the areas that are thinning. 

• Platelet Rich Plasma can promote hair growth when follicles are present. If the follicles are damaged or simply weak this treatment can improve hair loss dramatically.

*People with extreme hair loss or non-existent follicles are generally not candidates for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. 

Picture shows African American Female suffering from Hair Loss called Traction Alopecia - before and after Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments for hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma  Therapy is offered at our Hair Restoration Center in Buckhead-Atlanta in addition to Neograft Hair Restoration. 

 Platelet Rich Plasma injections for Hair loss can also be useful when performed in conjunction with FUE Hair Restoration can improve graft survival rate after the Hair Transplant is performed. 

Hair Loss can affect Men & Women of all ethnicities! 

We have found that Platelet Rich Plasma accelerates the transition of the hair follicle from the dormant state back to the active growing state.

For the last decade, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has proven effective as a stand-alone treatment for men and women with specific types of hair loss.


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