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NeoLTS  Low Light Laser Therapy Hair Loss

NEOLTSDiscover Low Light Laser Therapy that’s light years ahead!

Introducing NeoLTS Light Therapy System, by NeoGraft® the newest and most sophisticated Professional Grade LED light therapy system.

Buckhead Hair Restoration offers NeoLTS is a premier non-invasive treatment clinically proven to improve the appearance of hair and skin.

20x20-Checkmark   Vanishes periorbital wrinkles
20x20-Checkmark   Increases the skin’s collagen & elastin
20x20-Checkmark   Reduces inflammatory acne
20x20-Checkmark   Lightens age spots, sun spots, and dark circles
20x20-Checkmark   Improves skin tone and clarity
20x20-Checkmark   Promotes collagen and elastin
20x20-Checkmark   Stimulates tissue production
20x20-Checkmark   Reduces redness and inflammation
20x20-Checkmark   Scientifically proven to reduce the signs of aging
20x20-Checkmark   Improves the appearance of fuller, thicker, stronger hair, stronger Nails

Phototherapy or light therapy consists of exposure to specific wavelengths of light.

The most common type of light therapy utilizes LED’s.

LED light therapy has a dramatic effect on controlling the visible signs of aging including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and hair loss, to name a few.

20x20-Checkmark   The cells in our body contain receptors that absorb photons of light
20x20-Checkmark   This absorption stimulates a normal cellular process  that otherwise occurs naturally within the cell
20x20-Checkmark   Light therapy accelerates this process making the cell more efficient and active
20x20-Checkmark   As cellular activity increase, the cells become more permeable

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Each color of the spectrum has a different wavelength and benefit for the skin and hair. Put the power of advanced light innovation to work for you!

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Dr. Monte SlaterAbout D. Monte Slater


Dr. Monte Slater, MD, is a double board-certified Physician specializing in Anti-Aging, Hair Restoration and Regenerative Medicine. He is a member of the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS). He has been practicing in Warner Robins, Georgia for the last 15 years. In 2014 Buckhead Hair Restoration opened the doors in Atlanta, along with Slater Aesthetic of Anti-Aging & Life Extension.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration had been offered in his Warner Robins Office for two years prior and it was important to Dr. Slater to be able to offer this minimally invasive Hair Transplant Procedure in Atlanta.

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