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Buckhead Hair Restoration
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by Johnathan and Anthony on Buckhead Hair Restoration
Excellent Doc

Doctor Slater is amazing and my boyfriend and I come to him for all of our Aesthetic needs which include hair loss issues. From Vampire Facials to Hair Loss Therapy via LaserCap and PRP Therapy we have done it all! He is conservative in his approach and we love him.

by Ellen on Buckhead Hair Restoration
PRP Therapy and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Slater took the time to explain potential hormone issues as it relates to hair loss. He also explained that I needed to do blood work and helped me in so many ways. I am on the hormone replacement Therapy, in addition, I received PRP Scalp Therapy, my hair is growing like crazy! love it

by Anonymous on Buckhead Hair Restoration

Great Doctor and Great Staff! I had Traction Alopecia and Dr. Slater took the time to explain what is causing my hair loss. They sell NeoGraft Hair Care Products and also did PRP Therapy on me. He is super nice and so is his staff. The LaserCap™ would also be a great option. My hair is actually growing back!

by Michael Graham -- Radio Broadcaster, 106.7 Atlanta on Buckhead Hair Restoration

As a big-time media personality (hey, why is everyone laughing?), I’ve been approached in the past about having hair restoration surgery. And my answer was always “No!” Why?

It’s not because I didn’t need it. I did. I do a lot of TV appearances, speeches and public appearances, and my fading hairline was becoming more and more of an issue for me professionally. Plus, like every other guy with a creeping forehead, I was getting tired of having to think about my hair all the time. So I knew I needed to do something, but I kept turning down other hair practices.

First, because the idea of having a strip of my scalp ripped off the back of my head was not my idea of a good time. I didn’t want a strip and scar across my head. Plus, I’m kind of a wimp. The rip-and-strip concept was just too painful.

As bad as that is, my fear of looking like Mr. Plugs was even worse. Like most guys, I’d rather take a beating than be the guy who “had work done,” with the obvious plot of plugs across our head.

Too painful and too fake. All that added up to too much risk for me…until I found Dr. Monte Slater of Buckhead Hair Restoration.

One fact about Dr. Slater that is easy to overlook is that he’s a double-certified medical professional in the arena of aesthetics. Or put another way, all Dr. Slater does is make people look better. There are doctors out there who know all the ins and outs of biology, hair growth, follicular density, etc. But it’s all worthless if he lives you looking like Charlie Chia Pet.

Dr. Slater and his team are aesthetic artists. He works with you and your natural hair, scalp, etc to craft the best-possible looking outcome for you—a long-term strategy for the best-looking hair you can have—and THEN he applies the medical science and technology.

That technology includes the new Neograft FUE(follicular unit extraction) automated hair restoration procedure.

Thanks to Dr. Slater and NeoGraft, you don’t have to go through the pain and hassle of having surgery across the donor area. All you need is a haircut! The NeoGraft procedure was so easy, so painless and so much better than anything I’d been offered before.

I’m so happy with my experience at Buckhead Hair Restoration, and I am well on my way to having the hairline I had 10 years ago. Even more important, 10 years from now I’ll still have this great-looking hair.

Thank you, Dr. Monte Slater!

Click here to see Michael Graham's Pod Cast

by Ellen Jackson on Buckhead Hair Restoration
Love Love Love PRP & BHRT

I love PRP Therapy for my scalp, because my hair is growing back where it was receding only a few month after the pain free PRP injections. Also I am sleeping better and losing weight because of the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I love Doctor Slater and Team. Highly recommend them.
I am 47 years old and feel so much younger

by CF on Buckhead Hair Restoration
Amazing Doctor

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy works,
In my fourties with hair loss, muscle loss and weight gain!
All history! I am a african american male.
I was simply in need of BHRT and Hair Loss Medicine as well as PRP.
NeoGraft is next!
Thanks to Doctor Slater and Team, I feel like a Man again.

by FI on Buckhead Hair Restoration
Great decision!

I am a 29 year old male that started to suffer from male pattern baldness about 2 years ago.

I noticed my hairline kept receding. I did a lot of research on the matter. I felt self conscience and depressed.

My family members were very supportive and encouraged me to have a hair transplant of some sort.

Because my cousin had the Strip-Method Hair Transplant, which requires a huge chunk of scalp to be removed, I was discouraged.

During my research, I came across an ad on google that said: No scalpel, no stitches, no scar.

I visited the site and was impressed. Buckhead hair restoration featured a doctor that is double board certified and I liked how informative the site was. I was very hesitant to call but finally did and set an appointment.

The atmosphere was warm and everyone was kind and understanding.

No sales gimmicks.

Dr. Slater and Mrs. Slater and team were amazing and his consultant Ellen is very nice. She called me back and answered a lot of questions. She was so calming, assuring and always available to speak, even after hours. ( Text, email & phone)

Finally I came back in and committed to NeoGraft Hair Restoration.

I was able to qualify for interest free financing and Dr. Slater also gave me NeoLTS light treatments complimentary for faster healing of the grafts.

The day of the procedure Dr. Slater & the hair technicians were there for me. Gail Slater and Ellen were in and out asking if I needed anything at all.

Ellen, their consultant asked me permission to follow my procedure via camera and do a daily and weekly and finally monthly journaling of the process.

Of course I said yes.

I understood that some of my grafted hair would fall out and re-grow from month 3 until about month 15. The expectations were set ahead of time and I have been in a half a dozen times since.

They treated me and my wife amazing and gave me a skin treatment called silk peel on my last visit, when I cane for my NeoLTS treatment. They are always kind. Ellen has stayed in touch and is still journaling my progress.

I am so happy that I made the decision to come to Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Buckhead Hair Restoration. We will continue to go to them for my hair and skin a

Thank you Dr. Slater for explaining everything without setting unrealistic expectations.

by K.M. on Buckhead Hair Restoration

Awesome bedside manners, expert eye for what's realistic according to the individual, honesty, availability of confidential concierge services at a four-star hotel, AND affordable prices???!!!!! What more could you ask for? It's like taking a mini vacation to come back to a better quality of life. This team is a Godsend!!!

Thanks to each of you. Dr. Slater and his staff have changed my life so much in so little time! -God Bless, km

by L.M. on Buckhead Hair Restoration
Foco Bonito!

Foco Bonito, Portuguese for "beautiful focus", describes Dr. Slater and his team thoroughly! They're not only focused on the outside, but also on the inside of each patient's overall wellbeing. At this practice, the mental and physical needs are assessed, which is a rarity in today's medical landscape. Gail's natural maternal nurturing combined with Dr. Slater's skills create an environment that can erase anyone's fear and doubts about cosmetic procedures. Money's far from their motive, and they make you feel like family! I doubt there's any other practice where the doctor himself will escort you to safety before and after a procedure!

by J.M. on Buckhead Hair Restoration
Great Experience

I got my procedure done in February 2009 and it was the best thing that I have ever done! The procedure was done on a Thursday night and I was back to work on Monday morning! Not only do I look better but I feel better about myself.

5 Star Reviews for Buckhead Hair Restoration and Dr. Monte Slater