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We Are Able to Help With Male Hair Loss

Male Hair LossDr. Slater is available to discuss any concerns about Male Hair Loss and offers Consultations in Atlanta  in Warner Robins Georgia.

For a man, there is very little that can affect his appearance more than losing his hair.

In simple terms, it affects every aspect of your life. All of a sudden, without hair, you feel like “less of a man” you feel less respected at work, you’re feeling invisible to the ladies, and so on.

It doesn’t matter whether these are factual or not, if you “feel” it, then it’s are true. That is that.

So in response to this, there is a huge industry that has risen regarding hair loss. There is lotions, potions, wigs,  and painful Hair Transplant Surgery. But what works, and what doesn’t?

FUE Hair Restoration is permanent and virtually pain-free. No scalpel is used, the procedure leaves no scars and there are no stitches needed. Recovery is fairly quick, and you can go back to work a few days later.

Male Hair Loss

FUE is the hair replacement solution for men of all ethnicities. Hair loss affects a huge population of men all around the world. There is no reason not to seek permanent solutions, as today’s technology brought FUE hair restoration to the forefront. Minimally invasive and virtually pain-free. No linear scar, No visible signs that the hair transplant even took place. FUE is a breakthrough because it allows for repeat treatments, which is important for men with male pattern baldness. FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction. 

After the Hair Transplant,t some or all of the grafted hair can fall out within a month or so. After three months the grafted hair grows about 1/2 inch per month, much like natural “Hair Growth” sometimes faster and sometimes a bit slower.

Male pattern baldness is often diagnosed based on the appearance and pattern of the hair loss. Any male hair loss can also be due to medical conditions, which is why Dr. Monte Slater and Team carefully interview each patient and can combine BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, PRP Treatments, LaserCap, Light Therapy, proper supplements and hair care products.

In the mid-thirties, two-thirds of American men will have some degree of hair loss and by age 50 approximately 85% of men have extreme thinning hair. About 1/4  of all men who suffer from male pattern baldness loose hair before the age of 21.  Hair loss can affect every aspect of life;  relationships and often professional life causing unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Why Choose the FUE Method of Hair Transplantation for male hair loss 

  1. Least invasive procedure for hair transplantation
  2. Patients feel little to no discomfort
  3. No stitches or staples
  4. No unsightly linear scar
  5. No numbness where the donor’s hair is harvested
  6. Quick recovery time
  7. Natural looking results
  8. Fewer activity restrictions after procedure
  9. Patients can typically go back to work the next day
  10. Flexibility for any hairstyle of your choice, short or long

Don’t let your hair loss affect your life quality. The solution starts with a phone call to Buckhead Hair Restoration!

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