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Neograft Questions AnsweredEverything You Need to Know About Neograft FUE Hair Restoration 

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and is a minimally invasive method of hair restoration where we remove a follicle unit from one area and place it in another area. We utilize an automated variation of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique to harvest hair follicles and implant them in the areas of hair loss.

The  Benefits of NeoGraft (FUE)

NeoGraft FUE as opposed to Follicular Unit Grafting (FUT), which involves cutting an entire strip of skin from the donor site, FUE allows for harvesting follicles which contain anywhere from one to six individual hairs. This means there’s no incision or stitches at the area of the scalp where the follicles are coming from, known as the donor site.

No incision means no linear scar which allows for the option of any hairstyle without the worry of revealing an obvious scar.

How much does Hair Restoration with the NeoGraft FUE method cost?

The cost of FUE depends on the patient’s desires and the number of follicles grafted. The average cost per graft ranges between $5 to $6.00. The NeoGraft method is a more natural than previous methods and causes no linear scar, which is a reflection of the more detailed and intricate nature of the procedure, yet still, our pricing is competitive and many times lower than quoted Strip Method pricing. Multiple transplants (1 year or more apart) allow for higher graft count resulting in more dense coverage.

How many grafts will I need? 

The only way to determine is to come in for a  hair consultation to determine the grafts needed. While the number of grafts may vary from patient to patient we can perform up to 3000 grafts per session. Of course, it depends on the patient’s donor site for available hair grafts. Dr. Slater will recommend appropriate graft amount for each patient and will advise you about how many procedures will be needed to achieve your desired result.

How is the NeoGraft method different from other FUE techniques?

While previous FUE techniques have been performed manually, NeoGraft’s automated handheld device allows for increased accuracy and speed causing less damage to the hair bulb which translates to higher graft survival rates.

What results can I expect from NeoGraft 

The outcome of the NeoGraft FUE technique is similar to previous hair transplantation methods, but with an increased success rate, faster healing time and causes absolutely no linear scar. Further advantages are multiple transplants are possible and the end results are natural. No plugs, restore your hairline with this discrete method.

What happens during the Procedure? 

Depending on the number of grafts containing hair follicles being harvested, you should expect to be in our office for anywhere between four to eight hours. The day is split into two parts: harvesting and placement. During harvesting, you’ll lie down on a table for two to four hours. The donor area is anesthetized and the follicles are extracted with the handpiece. In between harvesting and placement, you’ll be able to do things like go the bathroom and grab a bite to eat. In the second part of the day, you’ll sit upright while the implant area is anesthetized and the follicles are placed through tiny incisions. Once this is over, Dr. Slater will assure that the grafts are secure and a light protective dressing will be applied.

What’s the recovery period 

There’s typically very little discomfort following the Hair Transplant but you can expect your grafts to be slightly raised for the first week or two, and they’ll start to scab over at around day three or four. Dr. Slater will provide you with thorough instructions on how to treat your scalp (hint: gently), especially when showering. Because there aren’t any stitches involved with FUE, there are fewer activity restrictions versus previous methods. That said, it’s best to avoid anything strenuous for the first week after the procedure.

How long do the results last?

Before and after Neograft Hair Restoration with Dr. Slater and team in Atlanta. Patient had 2500 grafts (6months post-op)

Before and after Neograft Hair Restoration with Dr. Slater and team in Atlanta. Patient had 2500 grafts (6months post-op)Transplanted hair should last a lifetime, but there are other treatments that can help stop the loss of non-transplanted hair. PRP Therapy has been proven to be great for maintenance and to help transplanted hair heal into place.

Before and after Neograft Hair Restoration with Dr. Slater and team in Atlanta. Patient had 2500 grafts (6-months post-op)

Before and after Neograft Hair Restoration with Dr. Slater and team in Atlanta. Patient had 2500 grafts (6-months post-op)

Do I need to get a Buzzcut before NeoGraft

No, but the area where the hair is being harvested will need to be shaved to the appropriate length. If you wear it long, the shaved area can often be covered with the rest of your hair. If you wear it short on the sides you can leave the top longer resulting in a hairstyle that is very trendy at this time.

Can the NeoGraft method be used for beard or eyebrow Transplants?  

While the head is the most common place to use the NeoGraft method, the NeoGraft method can also be used for beard or eyebrow transplants. 

Am I a good candidate for FUE? 

The best candidate for any FUE Transplantation procedure is someone (male or female) who wants the option of wearing a very short haircut without revealing a scar, or someone who wants a minimally invasive solution with the least amount of recovery time while achieving the best success rate with their Hair Transplant. FUE can also be used to camouflage linear scars from previous hair transplant surgeries.

We are committed to providing the service and expertise you need for a successful procedure.

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