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There are so many hair restoration offices in Atlanta, but there is only one reason why you should choose Buckhead Hair Restoration for your hair loss solutions, and that is Dr. Monte Slater. Dr. Slater has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and truly cares about the health and mental wellbeing of his patients. Often hormonal changes and stress can cause hair loss in addition to genetic causes.  

Choose Buckhead Hair Restoration Dr. Slater diagnose hair loss causes

Dr. Monte Slater understands that when he sees patients with hair loss he wants to determine and diagnose hair loss causes. Find out more

Dr. Slater takes pride in diagnosing the causes of hair loss in men and women prior to making a sound recommendation. If unsure, blood work can always help with the answer and treatment options.  Dr. Monte Slater focuses on Hair loss and the causes of hair loss in men and women of all ethnicities. He is a double board-certified Physician specializing in Anti-Aging, Hair Restoration, Cosmetic Procedures and Regenerative Medicine. As a member of the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS). Dr. Slater uses many different hair loss solutions but focuses mainly on BHRT, PRP, and NeoGraft Hair Restoration. Often the combination of all three methods is ideal, and if budget allows he often recommends those three methods and additionally Low Light Laser Therapy. NEOLTS is an in-office treatment that is cost effective and yet can help when it comes to rejuvenation of scalp and skin. Equivalent to NEOLTS is the LaserCap for Home Use, which is sold at Buckhead Hair Restoration for a one-time fee of $2500. 

Choose Buckhead Hair Restoration because you deserve the BEST!

Not Sure if you should choose Buckhead Hair Restoration? Well, schedule your consult for a virtual session with one of our qualified team members in our office and let us determine if you are a good candidate for a face to face meeting with Dr. Slater and ultimately Hair Restoration. 

Choose Buckhead Hair Restoration

Besides Dr. Monte Slaters impressive resume and history of helping women as an OBGYN for 30 years prior to becoming board certified in anti-aging and life extension to also help himself and the fellas, the fact that he is an expert in Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments for Hair Loss  and has witnessed many NeoGraft Hair Restoration procedures, make it easy to opt for Buckhead Hair Restoration. The NeoGraft Technicians are closely supervised by Dr. Slater, and since there is no scalpel, or stitches involved it is not an invasive procedure. 

What is the hype about PRP?

You may be interested in knowing that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy was first developed for orthopedic surgery and shortly after the dental industry jumped on it, Anti-Aging and Plastic Surgery came next, and today it’s been made hugely popular by the likes of Kim Kardashian and numerous other celebrities. Is it all hype? No, it is not and it is being effectively used in certain types of hair loss.  What are Platelets anyway? Platelets are an important component of your blood. Their job is the promotion of clotting and healing. In Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, the patient’s own blood plasma is extracted, prepared, and then replaced into the patient’s skin. In orthopedics, where it is injected into the body, the Platelet Rich Plasma helps patients to heal from surgery or trauma and simply stimulates the body and its soldiers and so it does the hair follicles that are dormant or even weak. In hair restoration, PRP helps heal the area treated by NeoGraft. PRP has also been found to help regrow hair in some areas of thinning. 

What will NeoGraft Hair Transplant do for my hair loss?

NeoGraft Hair Transplant FUE System is the standalone best device for hair transplants today! The innovative NeoGraft hair restoration treatment to help stimulate hair growth and decrease hair loss. Dr. Monte Slater has the experience and expertise to deliver the results you are looking for with minimal to zero pain and discomfort. His specialized training and skills will not only restore your locks and youthful looks, he may even help enhance them. Our team makes sure you get the right solution to restore the volume and vibrancy of your hair, whether you suffer from genetic or medical-related hair loss.Our proven hair loss treatment follows your needs and specifications.

Choose Buckhead Hair Restoration

What is if you have Traction Alopecia and PRP Scalp Treatment is just not enough? Yes even though some of us have a full head of hair, you cannot hide a receding hairline forever. The hair pulling from tight hairstyles often causes the follicles to either be damaged or the follicles are dead all together! Hair Transplant Options for African American Women is a big deal in 2017 and we can help without a sign of it ever happening! Give us 3-5 days in downtime to hide any possible swelling or scabs and we can promise hair the following year! 

Buckhead Hair Restoration is dedicated to assuring that we meet your objectives. The most important part about choosing your hair transplant team is making sure you get the results you set out to achieve. Men and women can benefit from NeoGraft hair transplant.

Choose Buckhead Hair Restoration for your Hair Loss Solutions and start your hair restoration today! Schedule online.

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