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Are you starting to see thinning areas on your scalp? Are you concerned about a receding hair line? Don’t want to look like your dad or uncle?  No matter when you started seeing hair loss, if you find yourself yearning for beautiful hair that can help enhance your confidence and appearance then let us get to the answers on hair loss and effective hair loss solutions in 2017.  If you want to restore your hair, the Atlanta Hair Restoration Specialist at Buckhead Hair Restoration are here to help you with Atlanta’s hair loss solutions 2107! There are many hair solutions today, but NeoGraft Hair Transplant is the only permanent solution that does not cause a permanent linear scar. Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments are great for thinning hair in women and certain types of hair loss in men. 

Atlanta Hair Loss Solutions 2017

With so many different hair transplant offices and all the billboards that show instant gratification before and after pictures, which should you go with? Good Question.  You need to find a trustworthy, quality doctor, for hair loss solutions in 2017, Dr. Slater and the team at Buckhead Hair Restoration will help you through your hair restoration goals for 2017. Dr. Slater is a firm believer in NeoGraft Hair Transplant and PRP for hair restoration. Here is a brief overview of each of the hair loss solutions Buckhead Hair Restoration believes in 2017. Make 2017 the year you say goodbye to hair loss.

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NeoGraft® hair transplant is an automated technique for harvesting individual hair follicles, otherwise, known as FUE (follicular unit extraction). It is newer technology that results in no linear scarring, minimal discomfort, quick recovery, and a natural result without the plugs seen from other techniques. The automation allows Dr. Slater to quickly harvest a large number of follicles during a single session.

The minimally-invasive Automated (FUE) Hair Restoration procedure is quickly becoming the new “gold standard” for hair transplant procedures.FUE is not some secret term, it simply stands for Follicular Unit Extraction! So what does that mean to the patient? Good Question, with an even better answer! We no longer have to slice a piece of your scalp in order to restore your hairline, as we can take 1-6 hairs at a time without causing major Trauma to the scalp! 



FUE is not some secret term, it simply stands for Follicular Unit Extraction! So what does that mean to the patient? Good Question, with an even better answer! We no longer have to slice a piece of your scalp in order to restore your hairline, as we can take 1-6 hairs at a time without causing major Trauma to the scalp! Hair Loss Solutions 2017 might include this method for Husband and Wife Teams! 

Buckhead Hair Restoration AND ITS LEAD DOCTOR,  Monte Slater, specializes in Hair Restoration and Hair loss solutions for men and women of all ethnic backgrounds.  Dr. Slater’s hair restoration team is able to automate the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction. This allows for hair transplant procedures ranging facial hair augmentation to much larger or “mega-session” transplants consisting of thousands of grafts to repopulate the frontal hairline and crown area.

Because of the efficiency and accuracy of the NeoGraft® procedure, we are able to accomplish your goals in a single session with minimal discomfort, low risk of complications, and a quick recovery with patients returning to work as early as the next day. For more information about hair transplant treatment at our facility in Buckhead Atlanta.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments for Hair Restoration 

Hair Restoration Appointment

Dr. Slater has offered Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for quite a few years on the Anti-Aging and OBGYN side of his practice and is glad to see the statistics on Hair loss and PRP Therapy. He started to use PRP Hair Therapy in 2015 and never looked back since. PRP for hair growth and rejuvenation is showing lots of promise though there are no guaranteed results, as every patient’s experience is different. He has now fined tuned the treatment and ideal candidate based on results within his own practice. We will not tell all his secrets, but we can tell you that what Dr. Slater does is groundbreaking and innovative. Very view doctors in the USA understand the real causes of hair loss and patients are often misdiagnosed. This is a huge problem as the right treatment has to go with the right patient! 

Atlanta Hair Loss Solutions 2017! include NeoGraft PRP therapy Combination Treatment Platelet Rich Therapy

The other exciting use for PRP is during a Hair Transplant procedure. The PRP is used on the grafts like a fertilizer, helping grafts to survive and not even fall out through the fall cycle as they are expected to. Platelet Rich Plasma can also be spread on the scalp over the recipient sites which were just created to establish a hairline or fill in balding areas. Not only do we see a faster rate of growth for the transplanted follicles, but the area has a tendency to heal much faster.

Hair Loss Solutions 2017 

Don’t miss your chance this year! The art of hair restoration without any signs of it are pretty much perfected. Due to its meticulous nature, the cost is still an issue with people who are not willing to spend $7500-$12,500 on their hair. The fact of the matter is that “New Teeth” cost more and are just as important as hair! Women suffer silently and their husbands are often not understanding of the urgency when it comes to hair restoration. Wives are often not understanding either, as it is uncommon that both husband and wife suffer from hair loss at the same time. It is never easy to part with savings or hard earned money in stocks or a checking account, but when it comes to confidence and well-being Hair can be a deal maker or deal breaker. Think about it in those terms! 

If you’re tired of your thinning hair, contact Dr. Slater and his Hair Technicians in Atlanta at 770-876-4664 to schedule your free consultation today. Our experienced surgeons can help you regain your self-confidence through NeoGraft Hair Transplant and PRP treatments. Atlanta’s Hair Loss Solutions 2017 include meeting with a qualified physician like Dr. Monte Slater. We have two locations for consultations. Warner Robins and Buckhead Atlanta. Don’t wait for Hair Loss Solutions 2017 to come to you! Run after it, get it, make yourself happy and grow your hair back! 





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