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Celebrity Hair Transplants Aren’t Exactly A Secret

Thanks to social media and online media, and magazines celebrity hair transplants are not exactly a secret. Many celebrities opt for hair transplants as a permanent way to stop hair loss and grow their hair back. Hollywood scrutinizes actors and entertainers and they are under constant pressure to look their best. Even in the professional sports arena many athletes have undergone hair transplants and it becomes public information soon after. Celebrity hair transplants and the discussions around them allows the public to gain knowledge about the latest trends and technology to counter hair loss in men and women of all ethnicities and has helped to get the message out to non celebrities that suffer from hair loss and are looking for solutions.  

Published articlecelebrity hair transplants expose celebrities and their decision to undergo hair transplants on a daily basis. Celebrity Hair Transplants are frequent in news and online publications like Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and the New York Post.

Celebrity Hair Transplants have been on the forefront since the early 2000s and have improved outcomes since the FUE hair transplant method came on the scene. Now, folks have the option to bypass major surgery and a linear scar in the back of their head in favor of a simpler procedure.


The following article snippet by the New York Post was published by blogger Doree Lewak:

My Tom Brady Inspired Hair Transplant

Growing up in New England, Tristan Fraser was a sandy-haired football fan who worshiped Tom Brady – from the quarterback’s legendary passes to his matinee-idol looks. So, when Fraser’s mane began thinning in his early 20s, he turned to his hero for inspiration. Namely, Brady’s remarkable revitalized hairline often speculated to be the product of a successful hair transplant. (While Brady reportedly visited hair-regrowth specialists in 2008 and 2010, he has never publicly commented on it.)

“More people now are getting something done [to combat balding] – Tom Brady did,” says the supermarket manager based outside Providence, R.I. “A lot of people were making fun of him, but I don’t understand why guys would let it go when you can do something. You don’t just give up; you fight it.”

Many celebrities opted for the old method of hair transplants and got stuck with a linear scar!

Watch this video to see how NeoGraft works

Traditional hair transplants create a large linear scar at the back of the head and require long hairstyles to cover it. Many celebrities are then photographed with a close-up featured in gossip magazines that show the unsightly scar. Another article posted by Buzzfeed in 2014 by Kimberly Dadds reveals many before and after Celebrity Hair Transplant photos. “42 Celebrity Men Who Are Less Bald Than They Used To Be! 

Hair Transplants, Hair Pieces, or Are We Seeing Things? You Decide.”

One celebrity pictured is John Travolta in 2011 versus 2014.  

celebrity hair transplant

             Fame Pictures 

celebrity hair transplant

           Associated Press









Which “Hair Transplant Method” is discrete and does not cause a linear scar? 

NeoGraft is the first FDA-approved Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technology available that doesn’t cause patients to have a huge linear scar at the back of their head, nor does it make them look like Mr. or Mrs. Plug, unlike the old hair transplant methods. In addition, NeoGraft FUE Providers are able to offer hair care products and low light laser therapy NeoLTS along with the hair transplant for even better results. NeoGraft works by transplanting healthy hair follicles from the back of the head (2-6) at a time and moving them to areas that are thinning. No scalpel, no stitches, no sutures, no general anesthesia means minimal recovery and discrete results. 

Once the hair is transplanted, it’s permanent in that area. Some folks might require a second hair transplant later on to address additional areas of thinning, (Crown versus a receding hair line for example). Because no general anesthesia or deep incision is needed with NeoGraft Hair Transplant, the recovery is much faster and the NeoGraft method allows for natural hair growth within 9-12 months. Best results are seen 12-15 months after the hair transplant has taken place, and the procedure can be repeated within a year to address additional areas of thinning or to gain fuller, denser hair.

Why choose us as your Atlanta Hair Restoration Provider? 

Dr. Monte Slater is a double-board certified physician with 30 years experience and 10 years in Aesthetics. Dr. Slater uses a highly qualified team to conduct NeoGraft Hair Restoration and offers many additional solutions to counter hair loss.  In addition, Dr. Slater has treated many celebrities and non-celebrities and has helped them to regrow their hair permanently. 

Celebrity Hair Transplants

If you are considering getting started and want to address your hair loss issues, Dr. Slater offers multiple solutions and can diagnose the cause of your hair loss!

At Buckhead Hair Restoration we offer NeoGraft, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Low Light Laser Therapy, LaserCap, and Hair Products developed by NeoGraft to counter thinning hair.  

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