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How can Neograft hair restoration restore your hair?

Sunday night is the 88th Academy Awards. Millions of people will sit down and enjoy the show, and most of us will mock the outfits, or maybe their hairstyles. Or the question that we all think, “how does every man in Hollywood keep his hair?” It seems that Hollywood men, once they become an actor, they have been blessed with great looking hair for their lifetime. This is actually not accurate. Many men of Hollywood have had the NeoGraft Hair Restoration performed on them for their hair loss, as well as other procedures and or treatments to help either regrow hair or make the hair appear much more fuller. At Buckhead Hair Restoration in Atlanta, we specialize in NeoGraft Hair Restoration and we can get you on the road to looking your best and feeling as confident as ever.


Male hair loss is genetic, and it also is natural. Male pattern baldness where men lose hair spots, such as the back of the head, is 90% of the time a genetic issue. Neograft hair restoration can help regrow hair in those areas affected by male pattern baldness. A receding hairline happens naturally over time. You will never have the same hair as you did when you were 16 years old. Some notable actors, such as Matthew McConaughey, Sylvester Stallone, Steve Carell and Jeremy Piven, have all had some type of hair restoration performed in order to achieve hair restoration, and anti-aging in most cases.

Some things that you might want to take a look at are the visible scars on the back of Jeremy Piven’s head, those scars are more than likely the results of a strip method of hair restoration. The strip method takes hair from the back of your head and then implants the follicles into the areas of the scalp that are affected by male pattern baldness. This is the great thing about NeoGraft, NeoGraft hair restoration uses state-of-the-art FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in order to achieve the most natural hair restoration of its kind. At Buckhead Hair Restoration we specialize in NeoGraft hair restoration in order to give you the most natural looking head of hair.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Frontal View 2500 GraftsAfrican American men that suffer from hair loss, such as Jamie Fox, appear to have utilized Neograft for hair restoration. Jamie Fox appears to have a lower hairline then previously photographed. African American men suffer from keloiding. One of the nice things about NeoGraft for African American Men is that you wont see that issue of keloiding happening. A keloid scar is a scar that has an overgrowth of collagen and tissue. This causes the scar to become puffy in appearance as well as the patients flesh will look red to dark brown. Because African American Men tend to wear their hair much shorter, avoiding the scar from the old strip method of hair restoration to the much more advanced Neograft, men will surely see much more amazing results. As you watch the Oscars, take note of men of the Oscars. Just because you become an actor doesn’t mean you get blessed with not having a naturally receding hairline or even male pattern baldness. These men more than likely have sought out hair restoration of some sort, the most preferably method to date is NeoGraft. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Monte Slater of Buckhead, Atlanta and start your hair restoration journey today!

When having Neograft hair restoration you want to take in consideration your age. Having an age appropriate hairline is important in not only concealing the fact that your had the hair restoration procedure, but also to ensure that you do not look fake. Sylvester Stallone appears to have had multiple hair restorations performed on him, and although he looks great for his age, his hairline isn’t age appropriate. He looks just like he did in Rocky! Whatever the case may be the state-of the-art technology of NeoGraft returns truly amazing results. Come into our office in Buckhead, Atlanta and we can show you what NeoGraft can do for you.




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