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NeoGraft is the number one hair transplant technology that can deliver a no linear scar hair transplant.  In the past a linear scar was necessary to do a hair transplant.  Today with NeoGraft hair restoration technology we can provide our patients with a no linear scar hair transplant.  NeoGraft is a sophisticated breakthrough surgical instrument that makes FUE harvesting far more efficient and accurate than previous devices. FUE using NeoGraft has been considered a “game-changer” for the field of hair transplant surgery eliminating the risk, discomfort and downtime of a linear or strip-harvest.

How does NeoGraft deliver no linear scar hair transplant?

Many believe that NeoGraft is simply a better way to perform a hair transplant. Less invasive than traditional linear “strip” harvesting, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) uses no scalpel, no stitches, no staples in the donor area; allowing for faster healing and less discomfort after transplantation.

Dr. Monte Slater and the team at Buckhead Hair Restoration are among the most experienced FUE hair transplant surgical teams worldwide. Most importantly, Dr. Slater and his team take great pride in the artistic quality and naturalness of the final result for every single patient.

Hair Transplant Options for women

New minimally-invasive FUE hair transplant techniques are gaining popularity because they avoid the unsightly telltale scar of traditional linear/strip harvest hair surgery. FUE offers less pain, less downtime, faster recovery, more flexible hair styling. In addition, Dr. Slater advises to add PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments to your Neograft no linear scar hair transplant to speed healing time as well as to aid in regrowing hair, thicker and fuller then ever before.

NeoGraft enhances the speed, efficiency and quality of FUE no linear scar hair transplant procedures.  The mechanical device, guided by the surgeon’s hand, allows the individual extraction of hair follicles without the need of of a scalpel or stitches and leaves no linear scar.  Recently, Atlanta’s radio personality Michael Graham from news radio 106.7 had Neograft performed by Dr. Monte Slater.  His results were phenomenal. Click Below To Listen To The Most Recent Radio Ad By Michael Graham

What is the FUE NeoGraft?

Minimally-Invasive Hair Transplantation – “FUE” Procedure Follicular Unit Extraction with NeoGraft leaves no strip scar, no linear scar. The most exciting thing about Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is what it enables us to do in the donor area with people who wear very short hair. For many people, having a linear scar is not desirable. So this surgical technique gives us another option for “extracting” or harvesting the permanent donor follicles from the scalp. With FUE, we are able to extract single follicular units individually from the donor area without a scalpel. This also means the patient will not require any stitches and there is absolutely no linear scar.

FUE is a much less invasive procedure that heals more quickly and has less activity restrictions postoperatively. For example, patients may swim, play golf, tennis, etc. after just three days. That said, it is a tedious process for the surgeon and the surgical team because it requires significantly more time to get the same numbers of grafts as a traditional (linear or strip) harvest. Resulting in a no linear scar hair transplant.

no linear scar hair transplant

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