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NeoGraft or Strip Method Hair Transplant? What are the best Hair Transplant Options? 

A hair transplant is basically a redistribution of hair follicles from a place with dense hair to areas of hair loss. One follicle grows one hair, and each person is born with 100,000 to 150,000 follicles. 

First, a little history of the hair transplant, there were not many  hair transplant options

Decades ago, “plugs” were used as grafts. These were 4-5 mm round “punch” grafts taken from the back of the scalp. each graft containing 10-12 hair follicles. The hair did grow, but it looked unnatural like a toy doll’s hair or a  “sprigged” lawn. This method required a second and third session months later to fill in between the first session of grafts. We all remember Mr. Plug, we tried not to stare at the ever so noticeable, unnatural hairline. 

Neograft Overview - Hair transplant options at Atlanta Hair Restoration. Visit

Offering the “Best Hair Transplant Options” NeoGraft is ideal for all ethnicities and causes no linear scar.

Mr. Plug No longer!

Plugs did not look natural at all, but according to patients, some hair was usually better than no hair.

Next, various flaps of hair-bearing scalp were rotated from the side and “swung” into the new position to create a hairline. It looked like a carpet and was not attractive at all and lookequite fake.

Why opt for Neograft? 

Finally, the idea of FUE (follicular unit extraction) came about, a monumental advancement in hair restoration. This is essentially taking 1 mm grafts of scalp containing from 1-4 hair follicles. The one hair grafts are used in the front hairline which appears natural. To achieve more density the multiple follicle grafts are used behind the hairlineWhen performed with care and skill, this looks completely natural and undetectable as a hair transplant. We learned from this that very small grafts containing 1 to 4 follicles can be made to look very natural.

Hair Transplant Options for women

Hair Transplant Options for women? Really? Well, NeoGraft is really the best and the only one we recommend! Why? Minimal Healing Time and beautiful natural hair.


FUE grafts are taken from the back of the scalp with 1 mm punches containing 1-4 follicles. This leaves only a small spot where each graft is taken from and is hardly noticeable providing they are spaced properly. The problem was that the original method was slow. Manual FUE  usually only allowed for about 750 grafts. NeoGraft Hair Transplant came into the picture because it is an automated FUE, System, which allows up to 2500 grafts in one session without scaring the patient.  Why did the hair industry need hair transplant options that did not require extensive downtime and was ideal for all hair textures? Well, we live in a busy world and a 4 day weekend is even a stretch for a lot of us die-hard corporate executives, business owners and other professionals. So we achieved the unspeakable. NeoGraft allows the patient to have minimal downtime and because of the lack of trauma to the scalp, the FUE  hair transplant options allow for a second and even a third procedure within a few years. What would be the reason for multiple hair transplants? Well though the hair grafts have a 98% take rate and will be permanent, in many cases male or female pattern baldness affects various areas of the scalp at different times. An example would be the hair loss at the crown versus the receding hairline.

What about the Strip Method? 

The strip technique is done by taking a strip of hair-bearing scalp from the back of the head and under magnification, cutting the strip into the small grafts that are needed. The donor site is sutured up, leaving a large linear scar at the back of the head. If the patient has long hair the scar is not noticeable. As we get older we love to change hairstyles and that would reveal the scar. So you would either hide the scar with hair for the rest of your life or wear your hair short and show the scar.  With short hair, it can be noticeable. The recovery time of the Strip Method is a bit longer and more painful as well. 

We only offer NeoGraft so why are we talking about Hair Transplant Options?

Dr. Monte Slater had to weigh his options and decided that NeoGraft was the perfect fit for his patients. Minimal downtime, no linear scar, and natural results were the top reasons he decided to offer this procedure. 


Unlike the strip method, FUE hair transplant procedure requires cutting the hair in the donor area very short, but it is at the back of the head and can be hidden if you grow the hair on top a bit longer to cover the short area.  It can take 10-14 days to grow out.  If you have long hair (as some women have)it can take months for the hair to achieve the adjacent hair length, however, it seems like a small sacrifice to make for a very awesome permanent result without undergoing true surgery. 

Some women or men don‘t want to cut their hair, so they choose the strip method. We believe that Neograft Hair Transplant is the way to go! A temporary nuisance over a longterm linear scar and trauma to the scalp. The bottom line is both strip and Neograft methods have pros and cons. 

The strip method hair transplant will leave a linear scar at the back of the head that may be noticeable with short hair or when swimming

As mentioned before NeoGraft will result in a shaved area of hair which while temporary will be noticeable for a few weeks unless you can grow the surrounding hair out before the procedure. 

We can then cover the shaved area with longer hair. The grafted area for both procedures will be the same. Both are performed under local anesthesia with little pain. NeoGraft leaves no visible scar, the Strip Method does. 

Contact Dr. Slater at Buckhead Hair Restoration to book your free consultation and evaluation for NeoGraft or other methods of Hair Restoration. 

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