Why PRP Therapy and NeoGraft may be the best modern techniques for natural looking hair restoration.

Before & After PRP Hair Restoration with Buckhead Hair Restoration

*Real patient – Copyright Dr. Monte Slater – Before and after 3-months of receiving PRP Therapy.

Many men and women experience some type of hair thinning or hair loss, women often find their hair parting widens, some men have an increasingly thinning crown, some people find that they may have excessive hair loss when brushing or washing their hair. This can be very distressing.

PRP Therapy is exciting because it is a non-surgical procedure that offers excellent results without the downtime of previous methods. PRP is all natural and has no known side effects because the blood is derived from the patient and it only takes about an hour to perform. To optimize results of your natural looking hair restoration patients may need maintenance treatments every three to six months to stimulate growth factors that stop hair loss.

If you are experiencing mild to moderate hair loss due to stress, traction, or hormones, or you are in the early stages of genetic hair loss, you are most likely a good candidate for PRP. Platelet rich plasma is extracted by drawing blood from the patient and then using a machine called the centrifuge to separate the Platelets from the rest of the blood.  Platelet Rich Plasma contains many important growth factors that help to stimulate weak or dormant hair follicles to return to the growth-cycle.

Dr. Slater injects the PRP into the areas of the scalp where the hair is thinning.   Hair follicles that are weak or even dormant respond to the injections by promoting healthy circulation and this can result in new hair growth. The new hair usually grows in thicker and healthier. Best results of this natural looking hair restoration can be seen within 3-6months.  Ready to book your consult? Request your appointment today. 


Before and after 6-months of receiving one True PRP Treatment by Dr. Slater

*Real Patient – Copyright Dr. Monte Slater – Before and after 3-months of receiving PRP Therapy to prep for NeoGraft Hair Restoration.

Why PRP Therapy and NeoGraft are perfect together 

In the instance of certain types of genetic hair loss issues (male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness) PRP may help to slow down the balding process and can prolong the need for a hair transplant. PRP Therapy is also an ideal treatment to combine with  FUE Hair Restoration which is a  minimally invasive method of hair transplantation. One of the best FUE methods is called NeoGraft.  When this transplantation method is combined with PRP Therapy the survival rate of the transplanted grafts increases tremendously and in addition the Platelet Rich Plasma helps to heal the grafts in place faster.  NeoGraft allows for gradual regrowth of the transplanted hair and results in completely natural looking hair restoration. No plugs like with older methods of hair restoration. 


NeoGraft can help achieve natural looking hair restoration with permanent results 

If you have lost a substantial amount of hair already and are looking to restore back fullness and density NeoGraft may be the perfect solution for you. Every patient can opt to choose the first area of focus which is usually the crown or the hair line when it comes to men. Women that opt for hair transplantation usually focus on hair line and overall thickness. Because of how the hair follicles are retrieved, NeoGraft can be repeated within 12-months-18-months depending on the donor site and the patient can then further address areas of need. Though NeoGraft provides a permanent method of hair restoration, genetic hair loss means that it will further progress with age. The transplanted areas will remain in place, however areas that did not receive new hair grafts may need to be addressed with a second or third transplant down the line. NeoGraft provides the most natural looking hair restoration results and is also a minimally invasive non-surgical technique that allows you to avoid the discomfort, lengthy recovery and there is no linear scar  like with the FUT Strip transplant methods.


NeoGraft Benefits at a Glance 

Our experienced NeoGraft technicians extract the hair by using the follicular unit extraction method. This technique allows for the technicians to remove hair follicles in groupings of one to six hairs on average. (one follicle contains 1-6 hairs) without using a large part of skin therefore not resulting in a linear scar or scalp trauma.

  • No scalpel
  • No stitches 
  • No linear scar 
  • Ideal for all ethnicities 
  • Multiple transplants are possible 
  • Natural looking hair restoration results 


Before and after Neograft Hair Restoration with Dr. Slater and team in Atlanta. Patient had 2500 grafts (6months post-op)

Real Patient – Copyright Dr. Monte Slater – Before and after 6-months of 2500 grafts – Neograft Hair Restoration. by Dr. Monte Slater and team in Atlanta.

How does NeoGraft work? 

The NeoGraft technique requires a donor site to extract healthy follicles from. This is usually the back of the head (called the sweet spot) or in some cases other areas of the scalp that contain thick healthy hair (sides above the ear).  The procedure causes small micro puncture wounds at the donor site, those quickly heal without evidence of the extraction. The initial healing process of the donor area takes 10-14 days and can be numb and sensitive for 4-6 weeks. Some grafted hair falls out within the 3-4 weeks and will regrow within 3-months of the transplant. Additional PRP treatments can help to regrow the transplanted hair as well. Best results of the hair transplant can be seen within 12-15 months after the procedure. Request your consultation. 

What to expect during and after the procedure

The NeoGraft technique is minimally invasive and there is little social downtime. No general anesthesia means that this is an in office procedure. You will be numb during the procedure and comfortable. NeoGraft allows for 2500 grafts at a time which takes anywhere from 6-8 hours on average. Dr. Slater and his team will provide lunch and snacks and you can relax and nap during the procedure.  Patients are asked to be dropped off in the morning and picked up late that afternoon.  Some patients drive themselves, but we recommend to have pick up and drop off arranged. Swelling and slight discomfort is expected during the first two to three days. Patients are advised to sleep in a reclined position and not flat for a few days after the transplant to prevent extreme swelling. Most patients can return to work within 3-5 days if they do not care about being discreet. It takes 10-14 days on average to hide the evidence of the transplant.  In the case of working from home, patients only miss one to two days of work and some patients even commit to light online related work the following day. Dr. Slater has been a Neograft Provider for many years and offers Hair Transplantation in addition to PRP Therapy in Buckhead, Atlanta. Dr. Slater chose NeoGraft and PRP Therapy to provide long-lasting natural looking hair restoration to all patients seeking the best methods to regrow lost hair. In addition to PRP Therapy Dr. Slater also offers FDA cleared Growth Factor Injections for hair loss.  Our Hair Clinic is affiliated with Slater Aesthetic  our Aesthetic and Anti-Aging clinic with locations in Warner Robins and Atlanta. 

Learn more about this method at your consultation.  Not ready for a one on one consultation? We offer virtual consultations too. 

We offer Hair Restoration consultations with Dr. Slater in  Warner Robins and Atlanta and also offerPRP Therapy at both locations. NeoGraft Hair Restoration is offered exclusively at our Atlanta location. We look forward to hearing from you. To request your consultation online submit the form below. 

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*Results vary from patient to patient and are not guaranteed – This article is written for informational purposes only 

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