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The Top 7 Hair Loss Questions Answered

Seven Most Common Hair Loss Questions and Answers- HairLoss Solutions at Buckhead Hair Restoration in Atlanta and Warner Robins, Georgia


Hair loss is an issue that a huge number of people face in Atlanta, Georgia. You go through life thinking of your hair as “just there.” Then, all of a sudden, it isn’t. Hair loss can have a severe impact on your self-confidence, which leaves most sufferers looking for a solution. The topic of hair loss, however, is subject to myths, false promises, and confusing stories. Below, we’ve listed seven of the most common hair loss questions with real answers you can rely on.

1. Why does hair loss occur?

There are a variety of reasons behind hair loss. The most common cause in Atlanta is male or female pattern baldness (also known as genetic hair loss). Other factors can contribute to the problem, including side effects from medication, stress, hormonal changes, diet, and tight hairstyles. Hair Restoration Physicians like Dr. Monte Slater can help you understand the cause of your hair loss. View our gallery of hair loss procedures here.

2. Who is affected by hair loss?

Hair loss affects anyone, regardless of age, sex, or race. While we all tend to associate hair loss with men – namely because male pattern baldness is an issue – it can also be present in women of all ethnic backgrounds. Age makes it more likely for genetic hair loss to emerge, but non-genetic-based causes (such as traction alopecia, stress, and hormones) can strike anyone at any time.

3. Is hair loss preventable?

Prevention relies on the cause of your hair loss. Reducing overall stress, balancing your hormones, and wearing loose hairstyles to prevent pulling may help prevent future loss for some people. However, if the hair loss is genetic in nature, there’s not much that can be done.

4. How do I know if my hair loss is problematic?

On average, humans normally lose 150 hairs per day. If you begin to notice large clumps of hair or your scalp becomes more visible, hair loss is likely an issue.

5. Do home remedies work?

There are many online “remedies” that claim to cure hair loss, including essential oils or hair masks. The reality is these remedies won’t help genetic hair loss. At best, they can mitigate hair loss caused by other factors. They are generally considered a waste of time. Still, using quality hair products, laser combs, and avoiding heat treatment can help prevent hair loss from the comfort of your home in Atlanta.

6. What treatments make a difference?

Dr. Slater of Slater Aesthetic offers multiple solutions to hair loss in Atlanta and Warner Robins, including:

(1) Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments – This treatment uses the patient’s own blood to provide natural “growth factors” directly to the area of hair loss. This is performed in-office without the need for recovery time and takes about an hour from start to finish.

(2) FUE Hair Transplant – Takes healthy, thriving follicles into the area of hair loss without creating a linear scar. Hair transplants in combination with PRP can be quite effective.

(3) NEOLTS Treatments – Stimulate hair growth and promote scalp health. These are offered as in-office treatment at our Buckhead, Atlanta office. Combining this treatment with FUE and PRP optimizes the results. 

Seven Most Common Hair Loss Questions and Answers- HairLoss Solutions at Buckhead Hair Restoration in Atlanta and Warner Robins, Georgia

7. Who are these treatments suitable for?

Treatments offered by qualified Hair Restoration Clinics such as Buckhead Hair Restoration are usually suitable for men and women of any age who have experienced issues with hair loss. Visit our specials page for information about ongoing discounts.

If you’re struggling with hair loss, don’t suffer in silence. Get in touch with a qualified physician that can diagnose the cause of your hair loss and suggest individualized treatment. You can ask hair loss questions that pertain to your individual needs. Dr. Slater’s team at Buckhead Hair Restoration is an available, qualified choice in Buckhead, Atlanta. You’re invited for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Monte Slater.

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