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Healthy Hair Tips10 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

BHRT is a natural approach to balancing and restoring hormone levels. So far, the procedure has been a huge success for both men and women ages 40 and older. Hair thinning caused by a hormonal imbalance can often be reversed with the correct treatment options. PRP Injections and Micro-Needling of the scalp, along with BHRT, are often the right solution for those looking to maintain healthy hair.

Scalp Health

Ensure that your scalp is healthy. Recent research indicates that dandruff or flaky scalps increase the rate of hair shedding. To counteract an unhealthy scalp, massage your scalp daily when in the shower – and use paraben and sulfate free products.

If you suffer from dandruff, use a mild silicon free shampoo for flaky/itchy scalp – such as L’Occitane. It contains five essential oils known for their revitalizing properties (mint, thyme, grapefruit, cedar, and lavender), along with zinc pyrithione to help reduce flaking and prevent its recurrence. Enriched with Vitamin B5, L’Occitane helps calm itching and leaves the scalp feeling fresh and soothed. Visit to find this product. Overall, keeping your scalp healthy will help you obtain healthy hair.

Reduce Stress

Extreme stress can cause hair loss in the form of alopecia. It’s important to identify what exactly is causing the stress. Perhaps it’s a difficult relationship, money worries, or a miserable job. Once the cause is identified, it makes it much easier to treat the stress. We also recommend yoga, which helps lower stress levels.

Any hobby that takes your mind off situations or people that make you stressed are beneficial. Exercising, reading, and going to the movies are all very good stress relievers. This, in turn, will lead to healthy hair.

Healthy Hair Tip: ExerciseExercise

Exercising regularly tends to have a positive effect on hair: The more fit you are, the more your hair should benefit from it. As far as sweating and more frequent shampooing is concerned, it is good (not bad) to shampoo your hair frequently – if you want healthy hair.

Iron Storage

One of the most important factors in preventing hair loss is adequate iron storage, which is called Ferritin. This helps to maximize hair growth. Low levels will cause hair shedding.

It may be necessary to buy a vitamin B12 supplement and/or iron – but iron supplements should be taken only if proven necessary after a blood test. It’s surprising how many young women have low iron levels, preventing them from having truly healthy hair.

Loosen Your Hair

Hair Extensions, braids, tight hair styles, ponytails, hard brushing, and hair extensions can all lead to traction hair loss. This is due to constant pulling on the hair follicles.

Healthy Hair Tip: Eat HealthyEat Healthy

Excessive weight loss can cause your hair to thin. If a slim person loses 2 kg, for example, they may find that their hair begins to thin. Your hair is not a vital tissue, like bone marrow – nor is it a vital organ, like your heart, liver, or kidneys.

What little nutrition you’re getting through a restrictive diet will go to those parts of you first. Even though your hair is very important to you psychologically, your body is much more concerned with keeping its internal organs healthy.

If your body is feeling deprived and hungry on a restrictive diet, you can only imagine how your hair follicles are feeling. This starvation of the follicles causes your hair to go into the telogen (resting/falling) phase prematurely. You can experience mass hair loss in this situation, depending on how bad your diet was and how long it lasted.


Supplements can help. Try PK4Hair, a protein supplement and daily multi vitamin. Biotin for Hair & Nails is also useful, as well as Omegas & Fish Oil. Consult with a Nutritionist before taking anything.


It’s important not to leave too much time between meals. Eating every three to four hours can help prevent hair loss. The energy to form hair cells diminishes four hours after eating a meal, so snacking between meals will help boost energy levels. The best energy boosting snacks are nuts and fruit.


Hair is 85% protein. It’s also the second most prolific growing cell in the body; therefore, its demand for energy is high. It’s important to eat proteins for hair strength, as part of a moderately balanced diet.

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